Make sure James Bond attends the audio conference

When you are prompted to record your name in an audio conference,  just say "Bond....James Bond". If possible play the bond theme in background.

Also make sure you are the first to leave the conference. They should hear "Bond....James Bond left the conference"

Courts, still using paper holy books? Try kindle

It is not easy to maintain holy books of all religions in all courts. Paper books are expensive, need more space, less durable and not environment friendly. If the tradition of witnesses taking oath on holy book continues, courts should try kindle!

Just cover pages of the holy books might suffice.

Dont believe that "nothing is Impossible"

 Even "nothing" is not impossible.  Its easy to do nothing.
Believe "everything" is possible.

Call centres can use iPhone Siri for interviewing

The call centres need people with good clarity and fluency in speaking. Siri can be used for screening the job candidate's voice. Those who complete the interview with fewer "I don't understand" answer from Siri can proceed to the next round.

PS: Soon, Siri's grand children(with Voice recognition + AI) will be replacing the call centre employees.

Use android keypad for handwriting test

The new smartphones are coming with fancy stylus pens to attract writing on phones. Schools can use this to rate student's handwriting. Scoring will be based on number of words written by a student,  that can be recognised by the phone.

Those who score low,  know they are a step closer to achieving their dream of becoming a doctor[1].